Attend 2019 Africa Liberty Forum in Nairobi, Kenya!

Atlas Network, in collaboration with African Students For Liberty, is excited to announce applications to this year’s Africa Liberty Forum to be hosted between Thursday, August 22 through Friday, August 23 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Atlas Network is a nonprofit organization that strengthens freedom movement around the globe by connecting more than 450 independent partners in over 95 countries that share the vision of a free, prosperous and peaceful world.

With ASFL as the co-host, Africa Liberty Forum brings together friends of the freedom movement across Africa to discuss challenges facing the region and to learn from one another how to most effectively advance free-market reforms.

The event will feature dialogues on the importance of rule of law and human rights, fighting corruption and property rights in Africa, institutional progress, government accountability, careers in advancing freedom across the continent among others. Participants will learn from distinguished speakers and participate in interactive sessions to strengthen civil society efforts to move public policy in the direction of greater freedom.

At the Africa Liberty Awards Dinner, Atlas Network will announce the winners of its Regional Liberty Awards, which celebrate the most successful projects by Atlas Network partners.  

The two-day event is scheduled to hold at the Crowne Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya. The event will feature delegates from various African countries who will engage in discussions on efforts to put the continent on the path of economic growth.

Keynote international business leaders, economists, development and policy experts, including foremost Senegalese entrepreneur, Magatte Wade, the founder and CEO of, will lead conversations on how we can communicate the need for economic freedom to African citizens, business leaders, NGOs, and global supporters of African prosperity. Other speakers include Linda Kavuka, Programs Manager at African Students For Liberty, Brad Lips, Atlas Network’s chief executive officer, Tom Palmer, the executive vice president for international programs at Atlas Network among others.

Register to participate at the Africa Liberty Forum (#AfricaLF19) today here

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