Adeolu Ogunrombi

Adeolu is the project coordinator of YouthRISE Nigeria, an organization that focuses on promotion of Public Health and Human rights. He is also a commissioner of the West Africa Commission on Drugs, a regional initiative convened by HE Kofi Annan and Chaired by the former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo. Additionally, Adeolu facilitated the formation of the West Africa Drug Policy Network, a coalition of over 600 civil society organizations in West Africa promoting drug policy reform and currently serves as the regional director of the organization. He has also served on the Johns Hopkins-Lancet Commission on Drug Policy and Health and is a 2016 UNAIDS Red Ribbon AWARD Winner. He has authored many papers on drugs, public health and human rights. He is a strong advocate for drug policy reform and a speaker in many international meetings on drugs, public health and human rights.