Chukwuemeka Ezeugo

Chukwuemeka is the founder and president of Global African Christians for Liberty Initiative (GACLI), an organization founded in 2015 to promote peace in Africa, through advocacy of freedom and tolerance from the Christian perspective. He became interested in the promotion of all aspects of freedom in 2011 after studying The Road To Serfdom by F.A Hayek, a gift from Olumayowa Okediran, Assistant Director of International Programs, Students For Liberty. Chukwuemeka has continued to work with the African Liberty Students Organisation in Nigeria, and was a member of the International Executive Board of Students For Liberty, and functioned as the Programs Associate for African Students For Liberty till the end of July 2017.

A staunch Christian, Chukwuemeka believes that when Christians are able to understand what freedom means to them, only then can they shine as the light of the world, respecting others regardless of faith, culture or ideology. This creates a tolerant spiritual environment that enables peaceful coexistence of any people, without hate or discrimination.