Dr. Nelsen Amar Rahul

Dr. Nelsen Amar Rahul is a director of Research and Program Development at Liberty Sparks,and director of Erastus Schools, born on 25th January 1987 in Tanga from a lawyer father and a teacher mother . When he was 2 he his parents shifted to Kenya where he began his early childhood education and late on he joined St. Kevin Academy. In the year 2000 he completed his primary education. In his childhood Amar was very ambitious, his zeal and zest for the law were amazing but his father pushed him to study Sciences so that he could pursue a career in medicine. In the year 2001 he joined Nairobi academy where he realized and also released his full potential. Amar was the unbeaten public speaker for four consecutive years and was awarded various certificates in that field and due to this he recognized a special calling from within and he listened to it.  In the year 2004 he completed his secondary education with distinction and joined Kenyatta University (ku) where he studied biochemistry with education. His life in university was full of challenges but he overcame them. It is the very challenges that made him to be the Vice President of the student council and also the director of Kikoship youth in Nairobi and also engage in eastern and central Africa university competition which was sponsored by Airtel formerly known as zantel. In the year 2008 Amar received his degree in BSc Biochemistry from Kenyatta University. He also worked as he continued with his studies and in the year 2012 he received his M.A In Literature from Kampala International University ( KIU) in Uganda. in the year 2017 and he received his PhD in Industrial Organization and Poverty Eradication from the University Of Waterloo In Canada. He says that death is the only obstacle so he has to join the University of Nairobi for economics next year