Marylize Biubwa

Marylize is a black queer intersectional feminist and activist. Her activism is on social justice with a deliberate gender bias. Her feminism, as indicated above is intersectional in nature to allow for championing for the rights of all humans. Her activism and feminism is inspired by life experiences and day to day events that make life. As a rape survivor, her motivation to activism and feminism is to see a world where women are free to express and explore their sexuality and femininity without being sexually objectified, for women to have a voice and choice over their bodies(bodily autonomy), for consent to be a bare minimum when it comes to female interactions with males. Her ideal world is a world that a level ground is maintained for all genders to ever exist under the sun. As a queer lesbian womxn, other than seeing homosexuality decriminalized in Kenya, her activism and feminism is to see a world where human beings can live out their lives fully without the worry of being ostracized because of their queerness. To see a world that embraces and respects diversity as it should be. 

Her work is, aside from working with partners, allys and different CSOs is mainly on social media which provides a suitable crowd to propel the agenda of gaining information. To demystify myths about women and their sexuality and myths around persons of the LGBTIQGNC community.