Mugabi John Socrates

Mugabi is the founder and executive director of Action for liberty and economic development, a libertarian think tank aiming at promoting ideas of a free and prosperous society through educating and empowering students and youth post-school to become an effective advocate of liberty and freedom in Uganda. He has a rich history of student leadership through serving as guild president of the second biggest university called Kyambogo university in 2013/14. He inspired students political activism across all universities in Uganda in his three years as a student(2011 to 2014).In 2014 he read a book titled Road to Serfdom by Hayek, and it influenced his thinking about freedom and Prosperity. In 2016 he founded Students for liberty – Uganda that has grown up to chapters in 18 universities in Uganda. In 2017, he fundraised 500$ which helped him to set up the first Liberty Library in Uganda. Currently is working on a project titled Libertarian village aiming a strong a network of 5000 defenders of the free market and individual liberty by 2026. Hopeful graduate of Atlas leadership Academy 2018.